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Feb 16, 2013 8:00pm PST
down.and see how they're coping. life is beginning to return to normal in a small town in russia just days after a meteor strike came a little too close for comfort. we go now to c-n-n's phil black for the very latest. this huge emteor is now, at the bottom of that light. the police are prohibiting us from going any further it is a the bottom of that body of water that huge metoer. .. the final descent to the atmosphere. it was felt widely. the students came outside to look at the trail of smoke. once to did capture the moment on his camera. >> what to do think? >> partially i thought that it was really a terrorist attack. >> reporter: then, there is the big blast, the sonic boom. (shreiking) above my ears felt defeated. and everybody feland fel felt out-of the ground shook. it was awful. we had some people were screaming, paddock, crying. >> reporter: there are some isolated example of its of panic--from the shockwave and it was not over these brick walls. elsewhere, it was mostly super vessel, glass. and many of its is being cleaned up superficially--. within one week, there could be a c
Feb 17, 2013 8:00pm PST
core of that arctic air. more on that, coming up. >> it's been crazy couple of days in central russia. people are still picking up the pieces from the meteor strike that rocked the country and drew the attention of the world. the explosion injured more than one-thousand people. clean up crews are scrambling to sweep up the broken glass and patch the windows that were shattered in the blast. the plan is to have things back to normal by the time school starts. c-n-n's phil black is in russia and checked in with one of the schools damaged by the meteor blast. this small siberian village is usually a quiet place. one thousand people living just south of the city of chelyabinsk. but on friday morning they like everyone in the region were shocked by what they saw. an intense light. followed by a trail of smoke across the sky. kindergarten worker olga matveeva says the 20 children who were in this room ran to the windows when they saw the light. but she felt something was wrong and moved them away. she says she was still facing the windows when the meteor's shockwave hit. as the windows blew
Feb 10, 2013 8:00pm PST
-- tunguska, russia, 1908. an asteroid around the same size came into the atmosphere, exploded and leveled the trees over an area around 820 square miles. some companies want to get their hands on an asteroid, but they're not waiting for one to come here, they're going out there planning to hitch rides in the space on larger missions. why would anyone want to get up close and personal with an asteroid? well, they think these rocks could be a gold mine. or more specifically, a hydrogen, oxygen, iron or nickel mine. their idea is to drill in asteroids for metals and other materials and use those to power space stations. nasa looked into this idea once and decided it would be too expensive, but the companies say, it could pay off in the long run, even if the asteroid mining industry gets off to a rocky start. just a few days left for brazil carnivale in rio and a samba parade with schools competing and a huge maaker $665 milllion for the local economy. >> it is going to be cold and below freezing. but warm temperatures into the 60s for that is where you're going to see where this enti
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm PST
across the sky. and then explodes. this is video taken in central russia friday morning. as you can see here. the powerful explosion also damaged buildings. shattering glass and knocking in walls. people who experienced the explosion. quickly took to videos. kron 4's gabe slate scoured the web looking for the best video which captures the frightening scene. including the moments after the meteorite hit the ground. some of of these videos catcher ric capturing the terrod the sound of the explosions. and with car alarms. it was so powerful that it broke windows. and here is a daughter. with a warehous into th. eight othereight othe k at this other look, the beat you earmetowoor you hear windos breaking. and that had back on the street paddocpaddocsome e benefits of dash cams were from the civilian videos. and in what is being called a complete coincidence, another large chunk of space the earth today. but unlike the meteor in russia, astronomers knew this one was coming. kron 4's charles clifford shows us just how close the asteroid came to earth. >> reporter: around 11:30 pacific tim
Feb 18, 2013 8:00pm PST
massive meteor which exploded over russia. a white male in his 30s weighing 200-pounds with a muscular build. he had a full mustache and a tattoo on his right biaccept. >>> the 21-year-old was not a student but a visitor to campus. she was walking here on this foot path near the ampaneater and classroom unit buildings when she was attacked. the area is about midway between the plaza and science hill. >> i think that is what made this so unusual is this was a sexual assault on a victim where she had no knowledge of the assailant and it occurred in the middle of the afternoon. >> we're talking broad daylight here. 12:30 sunday afternoon. there were no witnesses. the victim tells police she was punched in the face and torso, thrown to the ground and then raped. her assailant who she said spoke with a deep growl and smelled of cigarettes was last seen running away towards stienhardt way. a campus-wide alert has now gone out to all students. >> it's absolutely an occasion for us to just give people some basic safety tips. you know, trust your instincts. if you come upon someone who is conce
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5